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Coconut Shell Ice Cream Cup with Cap


Coconut Shell Ice Cream Cup with Cap




  • The coconut pulp is removed from the cut coconut and the outer and inner sides of the shells are well polished, washed and treated, so that the product is free from any bacterial growth and odour.
  • Then the shells are undergone with a MICROBIOLOGICAL TREATMENT.
  • The shells are dried naturally in shades and protected from the Sun.
  • Once processing is completed, the coconut shells are extremely clean and hygienic which is free from minute pulp, dust, odour or any bacterial growth.
  • The shells are then segregated according to their volumes.
  • Before packing, all shells are inspected visually and then packed in Cartons.
  • The size of the product varies from 120 ml to 170 ml. It can be customized as per client’s requirement.


All the coconut shells are washed in a chlorinated bath consisting of 4% food-grade Chlorine solution and then are rinsed in fresh clean water and later dried with hot air for a while and later stored in a clean, ventilated room protected from the sun to dry completely.

Use : This process makes the products suitable for the food industry and guarantees the best microbiological activity.


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