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Economy of Armenia

Economy of Armenia

In 1826, in violation of the Gulistan treaty, the Russians occupied parts of Iran’s Erivan Khanate.[four][5] This sparked the ultimate bout of hostilities between the 2; the Russo-Persian War of . In the next struggle that raged, (Russo-Persian War, ), the Qajarid Iranians suffered a fair larger disaster, as Russia occupied so far as Tabriz in mainland Iran. A turning-level got here in 1801 when the Russians annexed the Georgian Kingdom of Kartli-Kakheti, giving them a foothold in Transcaucasia.

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During the Armenian genocide of 1915 many Armenians converted to Islam to escape deportation and bloodbath. In the region of Ispir(Sper in Armenian) one hundred Armenian villages had been burned down in 1723 and much of the inhabitants was transformed to Islam by pressure. In the area of Yusufeli(Pertakrak in Armenian) Armenian Catholic priest Inchichian writes that a lot of the Muslim population was Armenian in origin but had transformed to Islam to escape brutal taxation and oppression within the early 1700’s. he visited the village of Khewag(Yaylalar) and met Islamized Armenians in the village.

There are about three million people in Armenia, of which about 98% are ethnic Armenian. There are virtually 10 million Armenians worldwide, with large communities in Russia, the United States, France, Iran, Australia, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, and Israel.


The massive complicated additionally incorporates a memorial chapel devoted to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, an Armenian library, printing presses, Armenian museum and “Veharan”, residence of the catholicos of Cilicia and premises for the clergy. Mzher (or Dzaghgatzor in Armenian) is a small city situated between Antelias and Bsalim, in Matn district.

Nagorno-Karabakh (additionally called Artsakh), a territory disputed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, additionally has a large population of ethnic Armenians. The Armenian Congress of Eastern Armenians devised insurance policies to direct the struggle efforts and the aid and repatriation of refugees. The council passed a law to organise the protection of the Caucasus in opposition to the Ottoman Empire using the vast amount of provides and ammunition left over from the departure of the Russian military. The congress specifically devised a neighborhood management and administrative structure for Transcaucasia. Even if the Congress did not devise specific options for the troopers left in Baku, Tbilisi, Kars, and other militias under the Occupation of Turkish Armenia underneath the civil governor Hakob Zavriev, they didn’t resist the continuing reality of those troopers serving for the opposite forces.

Azeris and Kurds dwelling in Armenia traditionally practiced Islam, but most Azeris have fled the nation as a result of Nagorno-Karabakh War. In 2009, the Pew Research Center estimated that lower than 0.1% of the population, or about 1,000 folks, have been Muslims. The Catholic Church in Armenia is split between Latin Rite parishes (topic to Apostolic Administration of the Caucasus) and Armenian Catholic Church’s parishes.

Ethiopia has had an Armenian church for the reason that Nineteen Twenties, when groups of Armenians had been invited there after the Armenian Holocaust by the Ottoman Empire. The Armenian Patriarchate of Constantinople in Turkey and the Armenian Apostolic Church of Iran are necessary communities within the diaspora. These church buildings represent the most important Christian ethnic minorities in these predominantly Muslim countries. Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II of the Syriac Orthodox Church, Catholicos Aram I of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Lebanon at Oriental Orthodox communion.

Furthermore, the USA has signalled its commitment to assist Armenia with preliminary research. The Treaty of Turkmenchay further stipulated that the Tsar had the proper to encourage the resettling of Armenians from Iran into the newly established Russian Armenia.[14][15] This resulted in a big armenian women for marriage demographic shift; many of Iran’s Armenians adopted the call, whereas many Caucasian Muslims migrated to Iran proper. “Letter of the Patriarchs of Jerusalem to Camp David Summit”. Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs.

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The Council of Bishops is an administrative-deliberative physique presided over by the Catholicos of All Armenians. It makes ideas on the dogmatic, spiritual, church, parish and canonical points to be discussed as agenda items through the National Ecclesiastical Assembly. At the First Council of Dvin in 506 the synod of the Armenian, Georgian, and Caucasian Albanian bishops were assembled in the course of the reign of Catholicos Babken I. The participation of the Catholicoi of Georgia and Albania have been set to clarify the place of the churches concerning the Council of Chalcedon. The “Book of Epistles” mentions that 20 bishops, 14 laymen, and lots of nakharars (rulers of Armenia) participated within the council.

Occupation of Turkish Armenia

This makes the Armenian language utilized in Iran and in the Armenian-Iranian media and publications unique, applying components of each major Armenian language branches (pronunciation, grammar and language structure of Eastern Armenian and the spelling system of Western Armenian). The area was conquered by the Ottomans within the sixteenth century during the Ottoman–Safavid War (1532–1555) towards their Iranian Safavid arch-rivals.

The Cambridge History of Iran Cambridge University Press, 1991. The other settlements depopulated in the middle of the 20th century as a result of emigration to New Julfa, Teheran or Soviet Armenia (in 1945 and later in 1967). Currently only 1 village (Zarneh) in Peria is completely, and four different villages (Upper Khoygan, Gharghan, Nemagerd and Sangbaran) in Peria and 1 village (Upper Chanakhchi) in Gharaghan are partially settled by Armenians. Armenians had been influential and lively within the modernization of Iran during the 19th and 20th centuries. After the Iranian Revolution, many Armenians emigrated to Armenian diasporic communities in North America and Western Europe.

First Republic of Armenia

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The privatization of trade has been at a slower pace, but has been given renewed emphasis by the present administration. Armenia is a food importer, and its mineral deposits (gold and bauxite) are small. The ongoing battle with Azerbaijan over the ethnic Armenian-dominated region of Nagorno-Karabakh (which was part of Soviet Azerbaijan) and the breakup of the centrally directed financial system of the former Soviet Union contributed to a severe financial decline in the early Nineteen Nineties. Armenia’s severe trade imbalance has been offset considerably by worldwide aid, remittances from Armenians working abroad, and foreign direct investment.