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Coconut Shell Bird Feeders

Coconut Shell Bird Feeders

KING AGRO Bird feeders are developed and designed using highly durable coconut shells. We manufacture and supply excellent quality bird feeders in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and aesthetically designed styles for birds in the garden. All the bird feeders are designed in such a way that it can be filled, cleaned, hung or post-mounted very easily.

Process in manufacturing different types of bird feeders.

  • Selection of fresh raw coconuts: Our production team will engage in selection of coconuts as per our clients demand to have uniformity in products.
  • Processing of raw coconuts: The fresh coconuts are then designed and crafted by the skilled craftsmen. Once the Coconut is cut, the coconut pulp is removed and the inner side of shell is well polished so that it is free from pulp, smell and dust. Different machinery are engaged to manufacture and finish the products.
  • Attachment of Coir String: After the complete processing of coconut shells, the coir strings are attached to the finished coconut shells.
  • Inspection of the Products: Finally the finished products are inspected to check whether any of the products are damaged or vary in size etc.
  • Packaging: At last our team will be engaging in packing the finished products in 7-Ply carton boxes of size [53.3 x 33x 33 cm].

By considering the above process, the final product obtained will be of high quality, uniform in size, and fulfilling the needs of our client in every way.

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