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28 Feb

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Las Vegas, Nevada Recovery Continues

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Las Vegas, Nevada Recovery Continues

The nevada Strip enjoyed a healthier income spike in March. (Image: Wikipedia.org/Lasvegaslover)

Signs that Las Vegas continues on the path to monetary data recovery, as the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that statewide revenue had increased 7.6 percent, to $982.2 million, throughout the month of March, and by 10.9 percent in the Strip, to $560.7 million.

The numbers reverse a two-month decrease in gaming revenue so far in 2014, with table games, and baccarat in specific, yielding a robust turnover. Year-over-year, baccarat revenue increased by 39.9 % in March, while craps income grew by 36 percent, and blackjack up by 6.1 percent.

Slot machine turnover, meanwhile, had been up 3.8 percent, showing an increase for the third thirty days in a row. Baccarat, a high roller game which analysts believe had been instrumental in keeping the casinos afloat in the wake of this financial meltdown, grew to $101.8 million in revenue, with the cards favoring the house 4 % significantly more than they did year that is last. However, even without baccarat, statewide revenues would still be up 4.8 percent over the board.

New Demographic

The figures show signs that customers are spending and gambling once more, although in addition they suggest a new affluent Vegas demographic is emerging one which spends money on table video gaming, nightlife, restaurants and attractions, rather than funneling money into