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King Agro Products Company is found deliberately in Coconut City Pollachi (Tamil Nadu) India to influence the generation to work simpler. Kingagroproducts elevated expectations and sense of duty regarding quality guarantee consumer loyalty to the last detail. We take pride in being promptly versatile to your necessities, and have made it our command to take care of business professionally and proficiently without fail.

KingAgro Who we are ??

KING AGRO PRODUCTS is a family owned business located in Coconut City Pollachi, South India. Our factory is strategically located in Pollachi where Mother Nature has gifted the World’s best coconut growing area and plenty of fresh water sources to wash coconut coir and produce Nature’s Perfect Growing Medium – Coco Peat. We supply Horticultural Grade Coconut Coir Products with Consistent High Quality and Coconut Shell Products of Standard Quality. Strictest quality standards adopted during manufacturing process put our products apart from the rest and ensure the quality from procuring raw materials to final finished products. Read More